Announcing My New Book!

What If Christians Grew Up? by Yaholo

What If Christians Grew Up? by Yaholo

The Missing Story of Christianity

What's wrong with Christianity? How do so many of us believe the same things but act so differently? Why is it so hard to love one another? What if we got all the facts right, but the story wrong? This book asks: What if the Bible is actually the story of humanity growing up, and our current struggle is the transition from childhood to maturity?

Author's Note

I wrote this book to take back the Bible from those who use it justify discrimination, separation, persecution, and legalism. If you believe in serving "the least of these" and bringing the love of Christ into the world, but feel like you fighting against those who claim "Scripture is on their side," then get ready to fall in love with the Bible again. The story of the Bible is the story of God's children, and it's time we grow up!

My Contributions in the Online Community

While I try to keep my personal blog focused on Christian mysticism and spiritual formation, I contribute regularly to other Christian communities focused on social justice and Christian activism. (RLC) has contributions from many Christians asking "What If Jesus Meant What He Said?" It was launched by Tony Campolo, a long time social justice advocate, and is a major center-point of the progressive Christian movement.

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